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Het ~ Threesomes & Moresomes ~ Femslash

Heterosexual (M/F)

A Week in the Life of Ianto Jones  (Rina)~ Doctor Who/Torchwood Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/Jack, Non-explicit (12K) 01-11-07
Seven days that changed Ianto's life forever.
Note: Includes m/m as well as m/f.

It Would Never Work (Orithain & Rina) ~ Pirates of the Caribbean Jack/Elizabeth, Adult-graphic (105K) 12-04-04
After Will's death, Jack decides to help Elizabeth move on with her life.

Shifters: Offer Your Throat to the Wolf (Angyl, Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f, (Jesse Lorimar/Eva San Gabriel, Jesse Lorimar/Rayne Youngblood), Adult-graphic (131K) 04-10-03
Montana Shifters - San Gabriel Clan / Wisconsin Shifters

A romantic triangle with a twist.

Shifters: Coming of Age (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f (Mike Lorimar/Kelly Meadows), Adult-graphic (73K) 01-23-04
Wisconsin Shifters

Mike finally notices what's right under his nose. Takes place about a couple of months after the end of "Offer Your Throat to the Wolf", which Mike and his family first appeared in.

Shifters: Mr. Right (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f (Jeremy Meadows/Jennifer Lorimar), Adult-graphic (54K) 02-15-04
Wisconsin Shifters

Another Lorimer finds her mate. Takes place a few days before the end of "Coming of Age".

Shifters: The Lady or the Wolf (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f (Eric Tate/Traci Lorimar), Adult-graphic (40K) 02-22-04
Wisconsin Shifters / New York Shifters - Tate Enterprises

The last of the Lorimer siblings finds what's been missing from her life. Takes place a couple of months after "Coming of Age" and "Mr. Right".

Shifters: Showing Her Claws (Angyl & Orithain) ~ m/f (Alexei Taleniekov/Hélène Palardy), Adult-graphic (52K) 08-09-03
Paris Shifters

Another Palardy sees Mr. Right and goes after him.

Vampires 6. The Lady and the Vamp (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f (JT McGee/Carly Benedict), Adult-graphic (67K) 10-23-04
An old-world Southern gentleman meets a twenty-first century woman who grew up on the streets.

Vampires 9. Changes (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f (Josh King/Casey Benedict), Adult-graphic (65K) 06-07-05
The vampires' database is hacked, and they all get more than they bargained for.

When He Was Good (Orithain & Rina) ~ Veronica Mars Logan/Veronica, Adult-graphic (51K) 06-16-05
Logan and Veronica work their way back to each other.

The World According to Rover 4. What Kavanagh Saw (Orithain & Rina) ~ Stargate Atlantis McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka, Teyla/Sora UST, Grodin/ofc, Adult-graphic (26K) 08-25-05
Kavanagh wants video to back up his reports of the many problems on Atlantis, and he gets more than he bargained for.
Note: Aha, found the challenge that inspired us! So thanks to Terri for her McShepSlash Friday Challenge back on July 6.
Note2: Includes m/m as well as m/f.

The World According to Rover 23. Same Time, New Galaxy (Orithain & Rina) ~ Stargate Atlantis Cadman/O'Neill 2.0, McKay/Sheppard, Bates/Lindstrom (ofc), Beckett/Zelenka, Weir/Davis, Adult-graphic (96K) 07-08-06
Lt. Cadman is made a team leader, and Lt. Jack O'Neill, freshly commissioned, is assigned to Atlantis.

The World According to Rover 28. The Best Team (Orithain & Rina) ~ Stargate Atlantis Weir/Davis, Adult-graphic (43K)
Col. Davis is having a very bad day.

Threesomes and Moresomes

Deal with the Devil 1. Ante up (Orithain) ~ Once a Thief V/M/Director, Adult-graphic (32K) July 99
One month after the explosion, everyone's putting their lives back together.

Deal with the Devil 2. Raising the Stakes (Orithain) ~ Once a Thief V/M/Di, Adult-graphic (14K) 05-01-02
It's the morning after, and how will Vic, Mac, and the Director handle it?

Lost Causes (Orithain & Rina) ~ Smallville Clark/Lex/Chloe, Adult-graphic (48K) 06-01-04
Sometimes people get exactly what they want.

Shifters: Alliances (Angyl, Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m/f (Rob San Gabriel/Elena Garcia/Miguel de la Vega), Adult-graphic, (52K) 08-27-03
Montana Shifters - San Gabriel Clan /  New Mexico Shifters - Garcia Clan

The leaders of two shifter clans want an alliance, but will the participants agree to a marriage?

Sinful 1. Sinful (Orithain) ~ X-Files M/K/ofc (Sin), Adult-graphic (23K) Nov. 98
Mulder's bed is getting very crowded.

Sinful 2. In the Cold Light of Day (Orithain) ~ X-Files M/K/ofc (Sin), Adult-graphic (23K)Nov. 98
Mulder, Krycek and Sin try to work out their new relationship.

Sinful 3. Witching Hour (Orithain) ~ X-Files M/K/ofc (Sin), Adult-graphic (27K) 12-18-98
A night out - total PWP.

Sinful 4. Masks (Orithain) ~ X-Files M/K/ofc (Sin), Adult-graphic (62K) 04-04-99
Lots of thugs, three lovers, two FBI agents and a partridge in a pear tree.

Sinful 5. Attachments (Orithain) ~ X-Files M/K/ofc (Sin), V/M (OaT), Adult-graphic (83K) Jan. 99
A ghoulish case brings Americans and Canadians closer together.

Sinful 6. For the Birds (Orithain) ~ X-Files M/K/ofc (Sin), V/M (OaT), Adult-graphic (90K) Nov. 99
Some lunatic is trying to steal all the sunflower seeds in the world, and guess who's out to stop him?

Sinful 7. Witching Hour Revisited (Orithain) ~ X-Files M/K/ofc (Sin), Adult-graphic (145K) 04-10-00
A night out and memories of how Mulder got together with each of his lovers.

Sinful AU Interlude: Paint Your Wagon  (Orithain) ~ X-Files M/K/ofc (Sin), Adult-graphic (35K) 09-16-02
A retelling of the Lerner & Lowe musical with Mulder, Krycek and Sin

Voyagers 2. To Boldly Go (Orithain) ~ Star Trek: Voyager Janeway/Chakotay/Paris/Torres, Adult-graphic (19 K) January 99
Take one each of Janeway, Chakotay, Paris, and Torres. Mix thoroughly. Serve hot.

Wedding Night, Pirate Style (Angyl, Orithain & Rina) ~ Pirates of the Caribbean Jack/Will/Elizabeth, Adult-graphic (147K) 12-04-04
Will and Elizabeth's honeymoon trip goes off course when they encounter the Black Pearl.
Note: Includes threesome, m/m and m/f scenes.


Femslash (F/F)

All Souls' Night 1. A Friend in Need (Orithain& Rina) ~ Original f/f, Adult-graphic (39K) 11-29-01
When a young woman is in pain, a friend and sometime lover helps her get over her grief.

All Souls' Night 2. Birthday Surprise (Orithain& Rina) ~ Original f/f, Adult-graphic (16K)03-31-03
Gigi plans a surprise for Cory's birthday

Forthright (Angyl & Orithain) ~ Original f/f, Adult-graphic (27K) 06-22-02
A lawyer wants to play after winning a hard case, and she finds the perfect playmate.

Slaying in a Winter Wonderland (Orithain & Rina) ~ Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith/Cordelia, Adult-graphic (17K) 12-11-03
Post breakup with Xander, Cordelia is anti-men, and Faith offers her an alternative.

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